Today I watched a great YouTube channel called TheShoeWhisperer and I just love her videos. One particular video stuck out for me and its an exercise of a sort. She said to hold your hands about a foot apart and concentrate on the energy between your hands. Slowly move your hands closer together. Really feel the energy that’s there. It’s different for everyone, she called it a box of energy but to me it felt more like a ball of energy. It felt like a ball of energy strands. I felt tiny pushes of energy circulate at different rates on my fingers, the tips of my fingers and on my palms. I also noticed that the tips lf my fingers seemed drawn together while my palms pushed apart. Like the wrong ends of a magnet. I tried this exercise at least twice and got the same results of a sort.

Everyone’s reactions and experiences will be different and that’s ok. Energy reacts differently towards different people. So try it for yourself and leave a comment below and tell me how it was for you.

(Link to the video is here–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7Pu0EKlTLs)


Suprise suprise

Ok so I had to go to the doctor and have an MRI done on my head, and my arms still hurt from them inserting the contrast dye, but as the test was happening, I felt a tingling right in the middle of my forehead and can still feel it now somewhat. But it kind of surprised me that my third eye chakra would open itself at that moment in time. I was not expecting it. I also had a visit from the goddess Gaia and another woman who called herself the butterfly maiden. Odin stopped by but it was a brief visit. The butterfly maiden never did tell me her name but she did give me a pair of black and purple butterfly wings for a few minutes. It was an amazing and happy surprise to get those visits though. I now want to do some research and find out who the butterfly maiden is. Any information will help 🙂

Yesterday I had done some pendulum meditation work with my pendulum. I asked it a few questions. Are there any spirits near me? (no) is the goddess near? (yes) is her name Gaia?(yes) is a god beside her? (yes) is his name Odin? (yes) I meditated a bit at that point and then stored my pendulum away. I felt safe having those questions answered. It lifted my mood. Now I know that pendulum work isn’t for everyone but I like it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂 ♥


Coloring isn’t just for kids!

I was always one of those children that just loved to color and draw, even though I wasn’t very good at it 🙂 and I’ve always felt kind of silly buying the children’s coloring books as an adult but I’ve noticed that there are now coloring books for adults. I’ve seen these in places like books-a-million, WalMart, even the dollar stores now have them. I bought one to start with and I now own four of them along with colored pencils and fine tip colored markers. (tip: colored pencils work better with the books since there are lots of tiny details in them)

The coloring book pictured below is my newest addition. I was originally looking for books one day at WalMart when I ran into an old friend from high school. She was flipping through each coloring book as we were talking and I noticed the one she picked up happened to be about crystals and I thought “how perfect to aid in learning” I immediately felt the urge to get it. After she and I parted ways, I grabbed the coloring book and started flipping through it myself and the more I looked, the more I fell in love with it. I ended up buying it and a pack of colored pencils that very day.


when I got home I meditated on the book and sent a silent thanks to my friend who if it weren’t for her, I wluldn’t have even noticed it.  in the book you’ll see black and white pages of each crystal in alphabetical order and then ln the back of each page it gives you a short description of each crystal and what color it is and what its associated with. WIN_20151210_141300

Pictured above is one of the pages in the book. And pictured below is the back of that page.


coloring is an excellent alternative to meditation and its something that you can do with your children.  its a great way of teaching them something wiccan 🙂 without anyone else knowing, especially if you’re like me and are around those that don’t approved of it. :)♥:)

Let me know what you think.


I had always heard that keeping a journal is beneficial. So when I bought my rune set, I saw a journal that just screamed perfect.  I started using it the day I started using my runes and I have to say that I love it. I am amazed at my results sometimes. Most days I do a single rune draw for that day but occasionally I do a rune spread and both ways has given me either answers or new prospective to see from. I take in note my emotions during the rune drawing and who is around me. Below is a picture of my rune journal. I’m not going to show you any of my writing because that’s personal. Feel free to comment below or show images of your journals. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook ♥

this is my rune journal. I thought it was perfect since runes are associated with possibilities and that’s what the cover says ♥



I felt sadness this morning and I couldn’t understand why but then I got on social media and realized that the people of France are experiencing what we in  America felt on that day in September. I am now sending Reiki healing energy and my prayers to them as I feel it in my hands to heal and to help them. They helped our country in our time of need so now its our turn. So feel free to pray and send energy to them.in this time. Make sure to light a candle as well.

Blessed be

Tarot and Oracle decks

Merry meet,

I’ve been trying to immerse myself into the study of tarot. I’ve looked up information and I still have to refer back to my written down information each time I do a self reading. I haven’t exactly broadcast my pagan beliefs to those that know me yet so I’m afraid to ask to do a reading to them to help me practice. I found the perfect set that might help me learn more but I couldn’t get it this time. My attention was somewhere else. It happens from time to time.the first deck I was drawn to wasn’t actually a tarot deck, it was an oracle card deck.

My first deck I ever bought.
My first deck I ever bought

I’ve worked with that deck, pictured above, for almost two years and I absolutely love it. The illustrations are gorgeous. And as earth is my element, I felt an instant connection with this deck. I had no problems diving into readings with it before I ever done any research. Its also my go-to deck when I do a chakra card spread. It hasn’t failed me yet. My next deck I bought was this:

Second deck bought, first ever tarot deck.
Second deck bought, first ever tarot deck.

It sort of jumped at me when I was looking at different decks. But when I try self readings or even try certain spreads, I always have to referr back to the little booklet that comes included that describes each card in detail. I’ve meditated on these cards and I think i’m finally getting some connection but its a growing process. And then today I was at the bookstore again and this deck called out to me:

Deck bought today
Deck bought today

I immediately felt a connection with these cards as well. Its like oracle decks have a stronger connection then tarot does. Then again not everyone learns tarot easily and if you don’t then don’t be ashamed. I’m not 🙂 some just have to research a little more than others. I noticed this seems to be a trait among earth elemental. We do not like change so in larder to adjust to change, we like to study into it and figure it out first before accepting it. I know I do. Anyways, tarot and oracle cards work pretty close to the same way. Tarot tends to be structured and has a certain amount of cards in each deck no matter what. Oracle cards are both structured and free form, depending on the maker of the decks. Some may have forty-eight cards and some may have less. Oracle card decks can be structured for specific purposes like the two I now have. The earth magic deck is about connecting to the earth and how it interprets into your life. The goddess guidance deck is about connecting and invoking the goddess. I can’t wait to work with this deck. 😉

I also work with runes as well but that can be another post for another time. What are your thoughts on tarot and oracle? Which decks drew you in? I’d love to see pictures of them. Til next time…. blessed be

(belated Samhain blessings and happy thanksgiving!)

Samhain 2015

Merry meet,

Today is Sakhalin. It’s the time when we can call upon our ancestors and be guided by their advice. Some celebrate it as the pagan new year. Tonight is a good night to do tarot spreads and rune readings. Most go trick or treating but as ihave a son whom doesn’t really care for candy much, we’ll be just staying inside and watching Halloween movies. But right now, we’re enjoying the cool weather  before it gets dark. While sitting outside I happened to look down on the ground just at the edge of my porch and I found a curiously white spot peeking up from the dark earth. Its touch is velvety smooth.


this is what I found. (picture above) its just simply a stone but its simply beautiful to me.