Spiritual….or just Religious?

Are you spiritual or just religious?

There is actually a big difference.at least in my eyes….Being religious is going by the book of that religion you believe in and you follow everything your told to do…in my eyes, religious people are nothing more then sheep.I have seen people go to church and other church members welcome them and all that jazz but then they stopped going or missed one Sunday and suddenly they talk about that person.

Say what you want but I saw it in the very church people that my parents and grandparents went to.they have done it to me.

Spiritual people on the other hand are more accepting. They are the kind that worship God and don’t go to church on Sundays. They don’t mind sharing their beliefs and won’t judge you if you disagree.

And yes,even in Wicca, there are these two types of people. They are in every path known. If you were to label me, you would find that I am an eclectic wiccan witch.i practice various different parts of Wicca and i put in a bit of witchcraft with it. I was Christian.  Had even been baptized but I just don’t believe that anymore.

Take this as you wish….just don’t turn it into hate.


Magical knitting/crochet

I firmly believe in energy and the good or harm it can have. I haven’t heard anyone else use their reiki energy in this way but I like to only pick up certain knit or crochet projects when I feel the energy in my hands.that way, there are no harmful blockages can get into said project. Color of the yarn doesn’t matter unless it’s you who picked it out but regardless of who buys the yarn, pour healing reiki into it and give as a gift or keep for your home.
I am working on a crochet chakra afghan for myself and right now two things are keeping me from completing it and that’s the energy I feel around my chakras and i can’t find that specific color right now :/

I am also working on my youngest child’s first afghan.i only pick it up when I feel the love and happy energy in myself so that it conveys into the needles and yarn I am working with.

You can always make specific projects, using the specified colors you intend to work with but it’s up to you.i tend to be more relaxed about it.

Tarot question

Ok,  this morning I decided to ask my tarot cards a question…”What am I missing in my life right now?”

And the answer came pretty clearly:

Associations with this card are:



-recognition for a job well done







And coincidently I was just writing in my journal about an hour before I even touched the tarot.I happened to be writing about the same thing.I was complaining about things and people in my life at this moment weren’t making me feel loved and appreciated and that’s exactly what I drew from the cards. 

Tarot is plain and simple when you need it to be.I love it for that reason. The deck used is my witches deck.I chose a simple one card draw this morning because I felt I needed to.


I hate days like today.i had a seizure yesterday and now today,I has this out-of-my-skin type feeling ever since I woke up.I hate days like these. I just feel so off.Being Epileptic, I have to be careful with anything I use as far as scents and anything I take into my body.I do not know what can affect me.Most of what I do consists of mostly my knitting and crochet skills or embroidery floss.i do use candles but very rarely.i also have kids so I have to be careful.i don’t want your pity. I want you to be careful especially if you have seizures.

Witches of East end

Ok….i looked up witch inspired tv shows or movies on Netflix and i saw that the show witches of east end was inspired by a book.

And so I looked up the book on goodreads and I found that apparently I had the first of three books just sitting on my bookshelf 

I don’t even remember if I read the book or not.so as soon as I am done reading fangirl by Rainbow Rowell then i will reread this.i will say that I love the series.and an actress that was in Gilmore girls is an aunt in this series.i love it.

And talk about a wierd coincidence.

In my experience…

I have learned that by reading a person’s energy,you can tell so much more about their true intentions then what they tell or act like to the world.energy never lies. When you get a “bad feeling” about a person, that is their negative energy speaking to you.”bad feelings” are warnings of bad intentions or past violence through energy.never distrust your first impressions of someone.