People say…

Reading other blogs about those that say they love Jesus yet they cast out everyone and everything that is different then what they know. I’ve seen people in these churches profess their love and in their next breath complain that the church has not enough money. If a person was to miss a Sunday in church, they begin to turn their backs to them. They speak words of kindness and show actions of the very judgement they claim God only can judge for. 

I have yet to meet a Christian that does not complain about something or someone in some way. They are all happy as long as those around them follow in line. But what happens when they start to fall? They cling to the words of God and just hold out their hands expecting others to pick up where they fall. Its been an experience of mine. I wish to warn others so that they are not heartbroken by the lies. Families are not brought together, they are torn apart by it.


Pagan challenge

I found this pin on Pinterest.  It’s several questions about your path and your opinions on things. I will start this tomorrow. If you are interested in it and want to reblog your answers with these questions then let me know. Tomorrow starts day 1.

I started doing this before but lost track of the questions and so I am going to start over. 


I keep looking up bullet journaling in my Pinterest app. For some reason I am just fascinated by it. Course I have no artistic talent what so ever so there is no way I could make one of those.  But if you have any tips on how you did yours or if you want to show how you made yours then I would love to see it. 


I will be the first to admit that meditation is a little hard for me. Not just because I am a mom of two boys ages six and one but because my concentration was never really long enough. I wanted a solution to my problem so looking through the Google app store on my s7, I found this app called Headspace.

You start with 10  3 minute sessions that you do each day.the voice is very gentle and eases you through the guided meditation. Now, I completed session 9 today. I am unsure what session 10 will be about but I’ve noticed that since beginning them, my tolerance level with my husband and kids has gone up.

I also homeschool my six year old so you can imagine the stress involved in keeping his attention to his work. Add in the needs of my one year and that makes up a whole bunch of stressed,tangled mess. So if you are like me and are having trouble with meditating then give Headspace a try. As far as I know, it’s a free app but I could be wrong. The mini sessions are free,though

Feel free to tell me your experiences with meditation.

Blessed Be

Where have you been?

Ok, yes it has been a few days since posting on this blog but I have been so busy with mundane stuff that I hadn’t the time until now for a short post.

By now everyone knows about hurricane harvey and about the three others coming behind it.katia and Irma and Jose. I am not sure when I will post again because Hurricane Irma is predicted to head towards my town but I will post when I main reason for posting is because of this little picture here

This explains my path just so well.i have felt way more comfortable in nature than in a church.since becoming a wiccan, I have noticed more things and have felt great whereas when I was Christian, I was depressed much of the time and I always felt like I had a big weight on my shoulders but now I feel free. I have never felt better then right now in my entire life.

That’s all for today…😘


My drawing for today was these questions/answers:

What do I need to learn today?

 Pretty straightforward, I would say and my next question was: what do I need to forget?

Yet again, straightforward. I need to forget about old friends and old memories and focus on the now. Next question was what do I need to remember?

And yet another honest answer. This deck is pretty good at answering my questions. I have some kind if challenge coming up that I need to prepare for and this card says that I can get through it with my confidence and wit if I just remember to use it.

I notice that my cards work best if I ask straightforward questions or if I use them in a spread either ones I make up or get off of the internet. I had a little difficulty getting used to using tarot. Coming from a Christian background, tarot was completely new to me. I am still learning.i still have to reference back to the book to see what they mean. 

Hope you enjoyed this post…blessed be

Spiritual….or just Religious?

Are you spiritual or just religious?

There is actually a big least in my eyes….Being religious is going by the book of that religion you believe in and you follow everything your told to do…in my eyes, religious people are nothing more then sheep.I have seen people go to church and other church members welcome them and all that jazz but then they stopped going or missed one Sunday and suddenly they talk about that person.

Say what you want but I saw it in the very church people that my parents and grandparents went to.they have done it to me.

Spiritual people on the other hand are more accepting. They are the kind that worship God and don’t go to church on Sundays. They don’t mind sharing their beliefs and won’t judge you if you disagree.

And yes,even in Wicca, there are these two types of people. They are in every path known. If you were to label me, you would find that I am an eclectic wiccan witch.i practice various different parts of Wicca and i put in a bit of witchcraft with it. I was Christian.  Had even been baptized but I just don’t believe that anymore.

Take this as you wish….just don’t turn it into hate.