I hate days like today.i had a seizure yesterday and now today,I has this out-of-my-skin type feeling ever since I woke up.I hate days like these. I just feel so off.Being Epileptic, I have to be careful with anything I use as far as scents and anything I take into my body.I do not know what can affect me.Most of what I do consists of mostly my knitting and crochet skills or embroidery floss.i do use candles but very rarely.i also have kids so I have to be careful.i don’t want your pity. I want you to be careful especially if you have seizures.

Witches of East end

Ok….i looked up witch inspired tv shows or movies on Netflix and i saw that the show witches of east end was inspired by a book.

And so I looked up the book on goodreads and I found that apparently I had the first of three books just sitting on my bookshelf 

I don’t even remember if I read the book or as soon as I am done reading fangirl by Rainbow Rowell then i will reread this.i will say that I love the series.and an actress that was in Gilmore girls is an aunt in this series.i love it.

And talk about a wierd coincidence.

In my experience…

I have learned that by reading a person’s energy,you can tell so much more about their true intentions then what they tell or act like to the never lies. When you get a “bad feeling” about a person, that is their negative energy speaking to you.”bad feelings” are warnings of bad intentions or past violence through energy.never distrust your first impressions of someone.

Merry meet

I had an interesting experience since my last post.1.i have connected with a goddess who watches over my children as if they were her own.her name is Rhea. 2.i had an experience this past time that I meditated.

I found Rhea through my goddess oracle cards but I did some research and did a guided meditation to see if I would connect with her and i did.she is a protector if children.i feel her presence watching over my two boys.

The experience I felt when I last meditated was the sensation if being inside a warm egg of sorts except that it was earth that surrounded felt warm and loving like a mother embracing a first thought was that it was Gaia.afterwards I learned that my grandmother was in the emergency room.i was not exactly told why but I do know that she is now bedridden at the age of 91. So my thinking is that Gaia is telling me that she is ready to welcome my grandmother home even though she is of a different is reassuring to me because I know she will be loved and taken care of.

That’s all for today,loves but don’t worry I shall post more as I share my adventures with you. 

hello there

I know that I haven’t posted anything in awhile but I use my neighbor’s internet, with his permission of course, and his modem had gotten broke. Long story short, I haven’t been able to get online until today so here I am. πŸ™‚

I have begun to notice that I have been wanting to use my mystic fairies tarot deck for awhile now. I’ll do a personal reading now and then but it just feels like my heart just isn’t really in it. I feel like I want to grow as far as tarot goes and get myself another that’s more challenging. Don’t get me wrong I love my fairies deck but it’s definitely a beginner’s deck. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But I have been seeing a witch’s tarot deck and a vampire tarot deck at my favorite bookstore but it seems that every time I get to go to that store, it seems that I never have enough for the decks and for what I want as well. But this time it seems as if I might be able to get one or the other. I feel like its been a test to see if I really want these decks andΒ I can honestly say that I do πŸ™‚

Magic and Magick

I see posts about people getting offended over witches getting compared to harry potter wizards and things like that. And there are people of other religions that actually think that pagans and witches can performs magic like that. I just want to clear it up for those new to paganism. Ok, magic, spelled with a “c”, is the kind of magic that is seen in movies and by people like criss angel. It’s strictly for entertaining purposes. And its usually used to pick fun at us pagans. Sometimes its meant to be mean but not always.

Now magic, spelled with a “k”, is the kind that we practice during spellwork. It’s nature in its finest. It’s what comes from inside each of us. Its our intent that we put out in nature when we release energy from spellwork. Its the feeling that you get when someone isn’t a nice person and its the auras you see or feel from everyone and everything.

If I’m not being clear then you might could look it up. πŸ™‚