Merry meet

I had an interesting experience since my last post.1.i have connected with a goddess who watches over my children as if they were her own.her name is Rhea. 2.i had an experience this past time that I meditated.

I found Rhea through my goddess oracle cards but I did some research and did a guided meditation to see if I would connect with her and i did.she is a protector if children.i feel her presence watching over my two boys.

The experience I felt when I last meditated was the sensation if being inside a warm egg of sorts except that it was earth that surrounded felt warm and loving like a mother embracing a first thought was that it was Gaia.afterwards I learned that my grandmother was in the emergency room.i was not exactly told why but I do know that she is now bedridden at the age of 91. So my thinking is that Gaia is telling me that she is ready to welcome my grandmother home even though she is of a different is reassuring to me because I know she will be loved and taken care of.

That’s all for today,loves but don’t worry I shall post more as I share my adventures with you. 


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