Magic and Magick

I see posts about people getting offended over witches getting compared to harry potter wizards and things like that. And there are people of other religions that actually think that pagans and witches can performs magic like that. I just want to clear it up for those new to paganism. Ok, magic, spelled with a “c”, is the kind of magic that is seen in movies and by people like criss angel. It’s strictly for entertaining purposes. And its usually used to pick fun at us pagans. Sometimes its meant to be mean but not always.

Now magic, spelled with a “k”, is the kind that we practice during spellwork. It’s nature in its finest. It’s what comes from inside each of us. Its our intent that we put out in nature when we release energy from spellwork. Its the feeling that you get when someone isn’t a nice person and its the auras you see or feel from everyone and everything.

If I’m not being clear then you might could look it up. 🙂



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